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regulatoryFirm Philosophy

The environment in which the Financial Services industry is operating has become particularly challenging and will be so for the foreseeable future.  Federal and State bank regulatory requirements, always complex are now particularly daunting.

Requirements are rapidly evolving and compliance is more difficult while regulatory penalties are increasing.  Competition in the face of capital demands and cynicism on the part of government, investors and customers divert management attention.  There is little time and significant penalty for failure to have the right strategy and to implement it properly.

SRS believes that, with its input, clients can chart a more successful path toward achieving their objectives by building on SRS’s long and varied experiences and familiarity with regulatory policy requirements to navigate through the ‘rocky’ environment ahead.  Pragmatic, executable and strategic are the underlying standards SRS will apply to the delivery of its services and the advice it provides its clients.”

Client Relationships

  • Intake of assignments is limited to allow for the full participation of SRS’s Principal in each client assignment.
  • Flat fees, not hourly charges, on either an annual or quarterly retainer or project basis is the SRS preferred structure.
  • Proper evaluation of each project and clear definition of an assignment in a statement of work is foundational to each new client relationship.